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Increased Speed with Improved Security

WordPress VPS
Model CPU RAM Disk Bandwidth Location Price
WP-VPS-1GB 1 vCPU 1GB 25GB SSD 1 TB Bangalore, India

$12 (Monthly)

WP-VPS-2GB 1 vCPU 2GB 50GB SSD 2 TB Bangalore, India

$22 (Monthly)

WP-VPS-3GB 1 vCPU 3GB 60GB SSD 3 TB Bangalore, India

$30 (Monthly)

WP-VPS-4GB 2 vCPU 4GB 80GB SSD 4 TB Bangalore, India

$40 (Monthly)




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Over 60 million people choose WordPress to power their websites and blogs. Born out of a desire for an elegant personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL, its potential has evolved to a full content management system.

Enterprise SSDs

We use enterprise-grade solid state disks (SSDs) for increased storage performance.

KVM Hypervisor

Enterprise-grade KVM hypervisors improve network performance and security.

24/7 Expert Support

Our award-winning experts are available to help you 24/7.

Free SSL

Free Let’s encrypt certificate that fulfills HTTPS requirements.

99.99% uptime SLA

We provide a 99.99% uptime SLA. If we fail to deliver, we’ll credit you for the amount of time that service was unavailable.

40GbE Best Network

Best-in-class network connectivity for speed and throughput.

30 Days MBG

If you’re not satisfied, simply cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP address solely for your websites and hosting account

Softwares Included

VPS carefully configured to meet WordPress Hosting Environment.

Package Version License
WordPress 4.9.8 GPL 2
Apache 2.4.29 Apache 2
MySQL server 5.7.23 GPL 2 with modifications
PHP 7.2 PHP v3.01
Fail2ban 0.10.2 GPL 2
Postfix 3.3.0 IBM Public
Certbot 0.26.1 Apache 2

Configuration Tweekings

VPS carefully configured to meet WordPress Hosting Environment.

  • Enabled UFW firewall to allow only SSH (port 22, rate limited), HTTP (port 80), and HTTPS (port 443) access.
  • Set MySQL root password, runs mysql_secure_installation, and creates a wordpress user with the necessary permissions.
  • Set up debian-sys-maint user in MySQL so the system’s init scripts for MySQL will work without requiring the MySQL root user password.
  • Created initial WordPress configuration file to set up salt keys and allow the WordPress instance to connect to the database.
  • Disabled XML-RPC to help prevent DDoS and other brute force attacks. (Should you require xmlrpc, run "a2disconf block-xmlrpc" from the terminal to disable blocking
  • Modified some of PHP’s settings to increase the maximum filesize and execution time.
  • Enabled the Apache rewrite module so the WordPress permalink feature will work.
  • Configured Apache with UseCanonicalName On to mitigate CVE-2017-8295.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your VPS physically located?

We have multiple locations and we will add new locations in time. When you're ordering a VPS, you can choose the location where it will be. Our current locations are: New York, San Francisco, Bangalore, India, Toronto, Canada, London, United Kingdom, Frankfurt, Germany, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Singapore.

Where is your company incorporated?

Our company is incorporated in the Democratic Social Republic of Sri Lanka.

What is your uptime guarantee?

In accordance with our SLA, we have an uptime guarantee of 99.98%. The details regarding the uptime guarantee can be found in our Terms of Service.

Do you offer Backup?

Yes, as the Wordpress VPS is manged by us, we do regular backups of your VPS everyday to maintain a week backups. (Backups are kept for the past 7 days)

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we provide week-long technical support 24 x 7, through our ticket system. Please note that our VPS servers are sold as managed, meaning we handle the live status of the server, such as network and hardware issues, but we do not handle issues related to 3rd party software installed on the server.

Do you provide support in language other than English?

Yes, we do.

What is the average response time to a ticket?

During the working hours, the average response time is 30 Minutes.

Can I upgrade a VPS at a later stage?

Yes, you can choose to upgrade to any of the other packages at any time.

Can I downgrade my VPS?

Unfortunately, downgrading is not possible due to limitations in the virtualization technology. If you no longer need such a powerful VPS, you can order a smaller one and manually transfer your data.

What are the recommended plugins I can install on my Wordpress VPS?

Our VPS are fully configured to run the wordpress site smoothly. However, you can consider installing the following plugins to enhance your site; W3Total Cache / Autoptimize, Akismet & WP-Forms.